TMJ Causes

23 Apr 2011

what are the TMJ causes?

Knowing the cause mean taht we have better chance to avoid tmj disorders.
Here are some cause of TMJ:

  • Failing to care for your teeth can result in TMJ. this may lead to abnormal closure of the temporomandibular joint which will definitely develop to a world of problems.
  • Trauma on the lower part of the face, especially the sides, can result in TMJ.
  • Do not push yourself to talk the wrong way. Unusual speech habits may be hazardous to the ideal operation of the TMJ.
  • Our nailes\Fingernails aren’t as soft as we’d expect them to be hence Too much biting of nails can lead to TMJ problems.
  • Chewing gums compel the TMJ area to work overtime, more than it should. This will make it weaker and make it more fragile to TMJ disorders.
  • If nails and gums aren’t safely malleable enough, then our teeth would even be more dangerous for the TMJ area. Teeth grinding can result in TMJ problems.

Above are some of the TMJ causes.




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